Alternative concretes

Learning about more environmentally friendly options to using Portland Concrete

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What is Portland concrete made of?
Cement, water and aggregate
What are the rules for making strong reliable concrete?
A high cement content, low water/cement content ratio, suitable minimum thickness of cover the the reinforcement and careful curing
What are the problems with Portland concrete?
Acidification of oceans, finite of natural resources and production of Carbon dioxide
How is Geopolymer concrete made?
In a reaction between silicate and aluminate with a caustic activator
Why is Geopolymer concrete a better alternative to Portland concrete?
More fire resistant, stronger tensile strength & is 4x stronger and produces less Carbon Dioxide
What happens if geopolymerisation is incomplete?
It can lead to water loss in the geopolymer which causes dehydration leading to a loss in tensile strength and cracks start to appear
Why isn't Geopolymer concrete that common?
As it requires special handling & needs sodium hydroxide which is dangerous to humans and depends of the location of the project whether there is aluminosilicate located nearby
Advantages of using wood instead?
Completely renewable, easily grown, can be harvested multiply times and can be reused and recycle and can act as a carbon store when the trees are growing
What are the different treatments for wood used in construction?
Coating, drying, preservatives & fire retardant
What are the advantages of there being 60,650 different species of trees
Vast variety of possibilities in tensile strength, flexibility as well as providing a wide selection of artistic variables for architects
Challenges of using wood
Can become susceptible to swelling, shrinking and from the elements, it can also be eaten by fungi and bacteria weaken the structure
What are Screw piles?
A ground anchoring system used as deep foundation
When did screw piles become popular?
Late 19th Century
Why do screw piles reduce the risk of flooding?
They don't remove large of soil of cover the ground with impermeable surfaces reducing surface run off
What is Rammed Earth?
A construction technique that can be used to construct foundations as well as walls and other materials by either packing earth into a wall framework where different layers are added
When does Rammed Earth date back to?
5000 BCE
What does Rammed Earth and concrete have in common?
A high thermal mass and is a great heat regulator within a building
What is a issue with Rammed Earth?
Very vulnerable to erosion
Rammed Earth takes a long to complete as it is built in layers. What is an issue with this?
More expensive then conventional concrete
Why is concrete still so popular?
Ease of use and low financial risk
How long has Portland concrete been the foundation of the built environments?
Over 3000 years
In 2018, how much Carbon Dioxide was produced from Portland Concrete?
3.2 billion tons
What are benefits to using plastic waste as an alternative aggregate?
Can easily be swapped for 20% of traditional aggregate not only that but it also reduces the amount of waste that gets sent to landfill
What was the first structure built using geopolymers?
The University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute
What is geopolymer concrete mainly used for?
For walkways and footpaths, as they have less history on the durability
Scandinavian countries have been using wood for stylistic purposes and its small carbon footprint. What is one example?
Aalborg Airport in Denmark using wood to introduce a light open environment with natural lighting
During construction why are screw piles better than concrete?
Screw piles only need a fraction of the manufacturing, machinery and transport that concrete requires
Screw piles have started becoming more popular, when did they start becoming popular?
Over the last decade
What is the main benefit of Rammed Earth?
It is completely fire resistant
Despite Rammed Earth low carbon footprint it has very high
Screw piles is a near perfect alternative for concrete foundations in what size projects?
Small to medium
How much more freshwater does Portland concrete use compared to Geopolymer concrete?
30% more

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