Create your own pairs game

Do you like exercising your brain and memory? Are you already tired of pairs, that you have at home? Do you want learn in an entertaining way? What could be more fun than play your own pairs game with friends?

We have prepared a simple assistant that allows you to upload your images and photos and create your own pairs in five steps:

  1. Select size of new pairs game
  2. Upload images and enter title for the front sides
  3. Front side appearance (edge color, border color and transition between edge and image, style and placement of text, ...)
  4. Upload image and set appearance of back sideS
  5. Download the finished game and (optional) publish it to galleries

After completion of the pairs you will be able to download the result that you can print on a printer and make cards. If you are satisfied with the result, your can share it with others by publishing it in our galleries. Without the publication your game will remain private.

Start wizzard for creation of pairs

Opening unfinished pairs

If you have worked out another pairs game (not older than 30 days) and you know its code, so you can open it by entering the code.

Code Open existing pairs