Animals in the Bay

Here are many of the animals that you can find during different seasons in our Monterey Bay. Try and match them to see if you recognize some of them!

size: 48 cards, type: standard, published: 11/11/2020, categories: Science and Technology, Animals, author: Marine Life Studies, downloads: 0x, rating: 0% language versions: English

Gray Whale
Harbor Seal
California Sea Lion
California Sea Lion
Sea Otter Wrapped in Kelp
Bottlenose Dolphins - Mom & calf
Harbor Porpoise
Short-beaked Common Dolphin
Long-beaked Common Dolphin
Dall's Porpoise
Northern Right Whale Dolphins
Pacific White-sided Dolphins
Risso's Dolphins
Risso's Dolphin - Mom & calf
Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale's pectoral fin
Humpback Whale Fluke
Humpback Whale Fluke
Blue Whale Head
Blue Whale Dorsal Fin
Transient Ocra (Killer Whale)
Minke Whale
Fin Whale
Fin Whale

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