How to make paper pairs game

1) Print cards

Yyou can download a pairs game from our gallery as a zip archive in several versions, which differ according to printer's output paper size - either in versions for printing on A4 printer or in versions suitable for developing in photolab as a photographs (better quality of resulting cards)

If you order photos in your local photolab, make sure that they are going to be developed without trimmed edges and in correct size.

2) Printed pappers and scissors

Print pairs game from our gallery and prepare scissors and glue on paper.

Krok 1

3) Cut off edges

Cut off the white edges of the printed pairs.

Krok 2

4) Gluing the back and front

Use the glue on paper to stick together the front and back of the pairs.

If you have a memory game printed on soft paper, so it is advisable to put a stiff paper(cardboard) between the front and back so that the resulting cards are more durable.

Krok 3 Krok 3

5) Cut into peaces

After the glue has dried, cut into individual cards and you are done. You can play it now.

Krok 4