HTML5 markup tags

Misrosoft memory game created to promote a new version of HTML 5, while the Web browser Internet Explorer 9

Rules for children
As in the standard pairs, looking for the pair opening and closing tag (in any order).

The rules for beginning geeky
In order to take a pair, you must turn in the correct order. First, the opening tag and closing tag then.

Rules for the geeky
After finding the first pair the player plays again and have another pair with the first found to form a valid HTML document. For example. After finding the head element can take the title element, but not the video element.

Rules for nerdy
The rules are the same as the geeky version, only the validity of the document transmitted to another player and is valid until the pair are found. Very easy to prepare for the next player to take a pair. We recommend to have a specifi cation of the W3C in order to avoid any arguments.

Rules for Sheldon Cooper
Since the beginning of the game, create a pair of valid HTML document. First, it is necessary to find html element

size: 64 cards, type: 2-memory, published: 3/20/2011, categories: Science and Technology, author: Microsoft, downloads: 84x, rating: 64% language versions: Czech Other

The pairs game is published under license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 UnportedLicence Creative Commons

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You can play this memory game against computer or human opponents within your PC or you can invite and play game with friends over internet.

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